Driveway Sealing

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Regularly sealing your residential or commercial property, whether it be asphalt or interlocking, is a crucial part of preserving that area and increases its life-span by double. The benefits of choosing a cost-efficient option such as sealing ensures that the property is protected against harsh winter conditions as the area is water-proofed and any existing cracks are ‘sealed’ – decreasing the rate of their expansion each year. This is a perfect option for homeowners looking to revive their driveway and those looking to sell their home as this enhances the aesthetic value of your property and is an ideal way to prepare for an open house, private showings, etc. The sealant we use is not open to the public and can only be purchased by companies that hold a license to carry the product. For any questions or inquiries regarding our deck staining services or any of our additional services, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email.

Our Full-Service process includes:
– A full clean-up of weeds, dirt & debris
– Commercial Grade Crack Filler (Up to 5 Major Cracks)
– Double Coating of Black Mac Oil Based Sealant
– Close off driveway with Caution Tape

Sealing services are also available for commercial properties.