Product We Use


Interlock / Natural Stone Seal

    • One of the leading brands in paving stone sealer
    • Protects against oil, dirt, & salt
    • Enriches natural colors of stones
    • Lasts for up to 3 years

Olympic-Maximum-Toronto  Deck Staining/Sealing

    • Penetrating oil formula to ensure maximum protection
    • Waterproof Protection
    • Advanced UV defense
    • Includes mildew resisting coating
    • 100% customer satisfaction


 Asphalt Seal

    • This is an oil-based sealant that is made up of the exact same ingredients as your actual pavement except it is made in liquid form.
    • Applying this form of liquid asphalt onto your driveway actually rejuvenates the asphalt and literally soaks in as oppose to knock-off products sold at a hardware store where the sealer just sits on the surface and peels off six months later.
    • Oil-based ‘Black Mac’ sealant can only be purchased and applied by companies holding a necessary license as this product cannot be purchased by the public
    • This product, when coated properly, will keep your asphalt black and protected for up to 2-3 years.