How Does the Weather Affect My Pavement?

In hot summer weather asphalt tends to expand and breathe more than in cold weather, therefore cracks in the asphalt will open up more during summer than winter. Moreover, UV rays from the sun affect asphalt much like any other material, hence why a BlackTop driveway will not stay black for more than a few years. The sun and hot weather naturally dries up the oils that a freshly paved driveway possesses, therefore the top layer of the asphalt will turn grey and eventually start to crack.


Clearly, a crack on any surface is not a positive thing right? It’s aesthetically unpleasing and structurally weakening, once again on any surface. However, when taking weather conditions into account, cracks are the most detrimental staples of asphalt deterioration.


As previously mentioned, cracks are predominately formed during the summer months due to asphalt expansion in hot weather conditions. Now, the winter months ensure that those cracks get larger and deeper. This process is called the “Freeze and Thaw Cycle.” What it essentially means is, water gets into what may visibly seem as a small crack or hole in the surface of a driveway it then freezes, expands and causes the walls the asphalt where it got in to move outward or expand. Meaning that, by the time the water in the crack starts to melt, serious damage has already been made. As this process continues throughout a long Canadian winter, the results of the freeze & thaw cycle continue to erode your asphalt driveway.

In conclusion, the lifetime of an asphalt driveway is heavily dependent on the quality of workmanship dedicated toward paving it, however weather conditions play just as serious of a role in the health and lifetime of your driveway as workmanship and quality of materials used. Therefore, it is necessary to take notice of any visible problems on your very own BlackTop before it’s too late.

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