Asphalt Paving

Commercial Asphalt Repairs and Paving

In commercial properties, the condition of asphalt in driveway and parking lot heavily dependent on the quality of the initial asphalt and paving job. At times, the structural integrity of asphalt surface is damaged by weak or uneven sub-base. In this case, if the sub-base of asphalt surface off level, the surface will include weak points that with time will start to crack, and create potholes and dips.

Fixing your asphalt is crucial when you begin to see cracks or dips surfacing, as neglecting the damage causes it to spread like a ripple-effect. Top-Notch property maintenance services has years of experience dealing with commercial asphalt repairs of parking lots, driveways and more. We are proud to say that asphalt work is where Top Notch Property Services planted its routes in the property services industry.

The way we work is simple.


For the following, here is what we do:

Crack Filling

Filling asphalt or paving cracks is the most important treatments for damaged driveways and parking lots. Our rubberized solutions protects and prevents water from entering the base of the asphalt, which case crack expansions.

Pothole Repairs

Similar to surface cracks, potholes in the asphalt or pavement are detrimental to the health of your commercial driveway or lot.

Because of these weak spots, they allow humidity and moisture to penetrate the base of the asphalt causing the pothole to expand. Treating these sooner than later is crucial and can save your business a lot of money.

Hot Asphalt Repairs

If your property encounters large potholes, hot asphalt is the solution for prolonged driveway or lot health. At Top Notch Property Services we use a special hot asphalt mix to fill in large holes. Our tasks are done by cutting out a symmetrical border around the pothole, then we add the hot asphalt to the mix, and compress the mix to the level of current asphalt surface. We do our work efficiently, ensuring that your commercial property can handle much on-going traffic.

Commercial Asphalt Paving

The process of sealing asphalt rejuvenates its core. It is the best and most efficient protection for your property in the long-run. It provides all the necessary oils for it to last for many years to come. At Top Notch Commercial Property Maintenance services, we bring the best of solutions to make sure that your commercial property getting the best and cost effective solutions.

– Parking Lots
– Commercial Lots
– Industrial Lots
– Condo Laneways
– Grinding & Pulverizing
– Patch Work & Resurfacing
– Regrading & Compacting
– Excavation Work
– Asphalt Grinding
– Line Markings

For all your Asphalt repairs, crack repairs, hot asphalt repairs and asphalt sealing, call us today. We will provide you with free onsite consultation to make sure that your solutions are as accurate as can be.